Learning about where our food comes from and how it reaches our table is an essential part of our curriculum. As part of our work in history, science and the food technology curriculum, we learn all about farming in Lincolnshire and how farming in the past has helped to shape our world today. We grow produce in our school garden and cook with it to make delicious dishes. We also sample a variety of foods and consider their nutritional benefits to our diet identifying which food groups they belong to. Cookery club, overnight camping in our school grounds and the holiday and activities club enhances  and enriches these curriculum experiences. 

The Great Lincolnshire Schools ‘Tate Off’

In May, some of our aspiring Year 6 chefs entered the Great Lincolnshire Tate Off! These four cooks were challenged to create an innovative dish that celebrates local produce and showcases Lincolnshire’s most famous ingredient; the potato!

The great Lincolnshire schools tate off recipe book