We hold daily acts of Collective Worship at Welton St Mary’s Church of England Primary Academy. It is an important part of our school day; a time for the school community to gather together, to share common values and to develop a sense of awe and wonder. Our Collective Worships reflect the traditions found in the Church of England and recognises, and follows, the Christian liturgical year.

In church schools, Collective Worship is planned to be:

Inclusive: a time where all children and adults, of all faiths and of none, can feel welcomed and be present with integrity to participate actively or reflectively.

Inspirational: a time of the day when the school community can think about the ‘big questions’ in our lives; a time to support spiritual development, an opportunity to reflect individually and together and to consider our actions, thoughts and feelings that might inspire us to be courageous advocates and agents of positive change in the world around us.

Invitational: anyone in our Collective worship, children and adults alike, are invited to reflect, pray or think and it is each individual’s choice how they respond.

Our worship consists of 4 stages:

Gather: we welcome the school community to our worship with music, through singing, liturgy and lighting the three candles to welcome God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit into our school, reflecting the Trinitarian nature of our worship;

Engage: we share a Bible reading and an activity to engage pupils and adults with the Christian message;

Respond: pupils and adults are invited to discuss, share, reflect, pray or sing;

Send: we share the message of the worship again and ask pupils and staff to consider how this will affect their day, learning and behaviour.

We close with a final prayer.

Our Collective Worships are led by our Headteacher, teaching staff, children, the clergy of Welton St Mary’s Church and visitors from other denominations.

We also attend church at certain times of the liturgical calendar.

Collective Worship is a legal requirement, in accordance with the Education Reform Act of 1988.

Parents may, if they wish, withdraw their children from the arrangements for worship. Any such requests should be made in writing to the Headteacher.

Our children and staff value Collective Worship time as a time of calm and reflection; a time of togetherness and belonging to our school community.


This is what some of our staff and children had to say about our Collective Worship time

‘ I enjoy Collective Worship and the children seem to be very engaged with it. It’s great that we can apply what we learn to our every-day school life, whether it is aspiring to live through our school values or challenging behaviour that we know is contrary to what we share at school’ – Staff Member

‘ I enjoy and value Collective Worship time as it allows me along on my own spiritual journey and it also gives me the opportunity to encourage children’s curiosities and questions about the various issues that affect them and the world we live in now’ – Staff Member

‘I am not religious, but I like that the values and topics we learn and deal with at Collective Worship can be adopted by everyone so that they can be good citizens of our society’ – Staff Member

‘Collective Worship is my personal time of worship and reflection. Because I’m not in a classroom and I don’t see many children during the day, I value the time when we gather as a school family which makes me feel like I am a part of the school community. The topics we discuss during Collective Worship are great ice-breakers when I have the opportunity to chat with the children’ – Staff Member

‘ I love Collective Worship. I love learning about Jesus’ – Y1 Child

‘ I love singing and all the tunes and the dancing in Collective Worship” – Y2 Child

“ I like it because it’s warm” – FS Child

“ I can learn about God and how he loves the world’ – Y4 Child

‘I enjoy Collective Worship because we learn about all the religions and learn how Christians live their lives’ – Y5 Child

‘Collective Worship is helpful because it is a time when we can let go off our worries and focus of the day. It helps me respect everyone else’s beliefs’ – Y6 Child

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