Welcome to Foundation Stage!

The children have all settled into school brilliantly and we have had a great start to the first term. We have embedded many routines and the children have all shown how they are able to make kind, safe and responsible choices.

We are starting our school year with the topic, ‘All About me’. It is so important that we get to know the children so we can ensure that the learning and opportunities we provide challenge, support and inspire every child so they are able to thrive at school.

Our focus stories for this term are as follows-

· ‘Guess how Much I Love you’- Linked to families and the people we love

· ‘The Tiger who Came to Tea’ – Linked to families, routines and our role play areas

· The Leaf Man’- linked to the changes we see in Autumn

· ‘The Enormous Turnip’ and ‘Supertato’- linked to Lincolnshire farming (our local area) and the food we enjoy!

· ‘Elmer’ and ‘The Colour Monster’ – linked to our feelings and emotions

We are going to be spending time discussing and exploring our local community, thinking about where we live, who we live with and how to care for ourselves, others. We will then be thinking about our favourite food and where different food comes from. Mrs Clayton, our Food Technology teacher, has already started supporting the children to develop their table manners and cutting skills when using a knife and fork. We are looking forward to making some of our own favourite foods later on in the term!

As summer turns into autumn, we will be thinking about harvest and other related seasonal changes. This will include the clothes we wear in autumn and autumnal walks through the village to think about what we can see, hear and feel. This will also give us the opportunity to ensure we know all about staying safe near the roads.

Within our learning environment, we have a range of different areas for the children to explore which are related to our topic. The children have already been busy in our home corner, tea shop and our reading garden. This will provide many opportunities for the children to develop their communication and language skills through role-play, discussing similarities and differences and developing their relationships with other children.

We will begin phonics early in the term and children will start by learning initial sounds. We hope that they can recognise the sounds, articulate them and write them. We will also be teaching the children how to ‘Fred talk’ words in order to blend. The children will be coming home with sound-blending books very soon!

In maths this term, we will be starting with recognising numbers and number formation. The children love forming numbers in the sand, mud and of course… glitter! We will also be ensuring that the children can count and sort objects accurately using one-to-one correspondence.

We are so excited for the term ahead!

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