Welcome back to all of our year one children. We are so excited to have you all back in school together! We are looking forward to our learning this term where we will be looking at plants in science and what the job is of each part. We will also be looking at season change and what

In our art work, we will explore the work of Van Gogh and focus on his painting ‘Sunflowers’. We will be exploring texture and using different mediums

In design technology, we are designing, creating and evaluation a slider linked to the  fairy tale ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

PE this term focusses on multi skills to work on throwing and catching and team games. We are lucky to have a coach from Premier Education to teach PE and he has some exciting games for us to learn to help us to build our tactical skills.

We are looking at what Christians believe God is like in RE.  We will be talking about how God could be described by Christians and how we know this using the bible and parables as our basis of discussion.

In geography we will be exploring the changes to our school and the village around us.  We will be looking at why our school had to get bigger and other changes that have occurred around Welton.

We have been discussing and playing with toys from the past.  We will be thinking about why the materials of old toys have changed and what differences this makes.  We are comparing toys we play with now to toys from the past.  We will then be moving onto the life of Florence Nightingale in history to see what she did in the past and her impact on the world today,

In computing, we are also looking forward to developing some word processing skills in our ICT suite.

In music we are learning about the different elements of music and we are discovering pitch and the pulse of music.

As always, an important skill that we are working in in year 1 is reading. Through RWI we are exploring a range of texts to build our fluency and vocabulary.

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