This year in Year 3 we are excited to start our learning journey as Juniors. Throughout our year in History we will be looking at Romans and Roman Lincoln comparing and looking at what the Romans did in Lincoln. We will then be moving onto the chronology of the other areas of History: Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Vikings and Saxons and how they all fit together. Within our Geography work we will look at Welton and compare it to Lincoln, think about why Earthquakes and Volcanoes occur and what impact they have on the world. In art we will study the artists Georgia O’Keeffe and MC Escher and then look at the structures designed by Gaudi. Through this we will recreate our own pieces of art based on their impressions of how they saw things. In DT we will look at mechanisms and make a moving toy using cogs. Then we will look at packages and designing and making aprons and why we need them. Through our PE work we will focus on the core skills and look at the skills needed in hockey, fencing and athletics.