It has been so good to welcome all of our children back after lockdown and continue our learning all together. 

During our Home Learning we tackled some tricky topics in Maths and our Year 4s did brilliantly, throughout division and fractions. We are going to be spending some time recapping these but are also looking at decimals, money and, later in the term, time. 

In English we are studying several different genres, beginning with poetry before moving onto non-chronological reports after Easter. We are also going to be providing Computing opportunities by typing-up our newspaper reports on Varjak Paw that we wrote during lockdown. We are continuing to read Varjak Paw as part of our Guided Reading lessons, so hopefully soon we will find out whether or not he is successful in his mission to find a dog and save his family! 

We have almost come to the end of our Benin History topic but will be learning about some deep topics, such as slavery and more about how the Ancient Benin Kingdom came to an end. After Easter, we will be starting an exciting new topic about the Mayans, learning about their beliefs, culture and day-to-day life. 

Our History topics are linking really nicely to our DT and Art topics, starting with the design and creation of a piece of Benin-style jewellery in our DT lessons, whilst in Art we will be painting some beautiful Benin sunsets, as well as designing, drawing and making some masks inspired by the Mayans. In the summer term, our children will then have an opportunity to develop their woodwork skills as we look to create a simple desk-tidy structure. 

Throughout the year we have been studying Lincoln and London in our Geography topic and we continue to explore the differences between these and how both have changed over time. Alongside this, we will then begin to think about why people choose to live in certain places and the consequences this can have on an area. We will then be hoping to bring all of these skills together and use our knowledge to plan a journey to part of the world.

Having learnt about Christianity, Islam and Hinduism over the course of the year, as well as touching on elements of Judaism, we will be spending a lot of time studying Pilgrimage during the summer term. Bringing in all of our learning from this year, we will look at the different places that followers travel to in each religion and what they do once they have made their pilgrimage. 

We have lots of exciting experiments coming up in Science for our final topics. Having saved our States of Matter topic until we returned to school, we will be discovering the difference between solids, liquids and gases and how different objects change between these. As part of our Science Week, we will then learn about Electricity  and give the children lots of opportunities to design and create their own electrical circuits, understanding what they need to include in order to work and how removing certain components will lead to this not working.

Finally, in our PE lessons, the children will be strengthening their skills in both Cricket and Rounders and seeing which of these are transferable between the two. Into the summer term, we will then be focussing on Athletics and Gymnastics. Whereas, in Computing, we will have opportunities to practise and refine our skills in Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Publisher, as well as completing our final Coding units.