Welcome to Year Five. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our year group and the exciting things we learn. Throughout the remainder of this academic year we will be focusing on the following:

English: Writing a biography linked to our science topic on Earth and Space. Creating a newspaper article based on the discovery of Tutankhamun and a persuasive piece also linked to our history topic.

Maths: Fractions, decimals, percentages, properties of shape.

Science: Earth and Space and Animals including humans.

History: We will be focusing on Tutankhamun, using resources to find out who he was, why the discovery of his tomb was so significant and answering the big question what happened to the boy behind the golden mask?

Geography: Map skills, direction, Ordnance Survey maps and symbols  and using these to plan a route from one place to another.

Art & D.T : We will be studying the work of William Morris and taking inspiration from his designs to create our own repeating pattern wallpaper within art and embroidery work within D.T.

Music: Dancing in the Streets (Motown)

Computing: The children will be developing their keyboard skills through word processing and creating and publishing using Publisher and PowerPoint linked to our history and science work.

P.E: Gymnastics, athletics and dance.

P.S.H.E: Human reproduction and birth