Year 5 have made an incredible start to the year! We’ve been so impressed with the level of responsibility shown already. We are loving our class book called ‘Goldfish Boy’ which the children started to read over the summer break. We are eager to solve the mystery as to who has taken Teddy! Our Booktalk reading sessions will be based on the last few chapters of this book.

This term in English we will be writing our own poems based on our class animals – lions and tigers – and then we will be producing some descriptive writing based on the fantastic ‘La Luna’ film. We’re looking forward to extending our vocabulary through our love of words and learning some new Year 5 skills!

In maths, we are beginning to look at place value up to 100,000 and the core arithmetic skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Towards the end of the term we will be looking at statistics such as tables and graphs.

We love history in Year 5 and we are excited to start our history unit on Ancient Egypt. We will be investigating sources and artefacts (we even have our own Rosetta Stone replicas!), and using images to help learn some of the key knowledge on our knowledge organiser (dual coding). We are very lucky and excited to have Luke, who is an Egyptian archaeology student, speak to our children later this term about what we know about Ancient Egypt from the artefacts that have been uncovered.

Our geography learning will consist of map work and locational knowledge this term. By the end of the term, the children will hopefully all be familiar with key words such as hemispheres, latitude, longitude and tropics. We have already started to create our own paper mache globes to add our learning to over the term.

We have had our first food technology lesson already this term with Mrs Clayton, using our fantastic teaching kitchen. Keep an eye out on Twitter to see what we produce!

In one of our two weekly PE sessions, we will be practising our tag rugby skills including looking specifically at attacking and evading and then tagging and defending. In our second weekly session we will be developing our gymnastics skills, having been inspired by the great Olympians in the summer!

Living things will be our first unit in science which will involve learning about the differences in the life cycles of a mammal, an amphibian, an insect and a bird, and describing the life process of reproduction in some plants and animals. After half term, properties and materials will be the focus for our science lessons in term 1 which will include investigating the hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity (electrical and thermal) of different materials. We will be carrying out various investigations which will involve dissolving, separating materials, and reversible and irreversible changes.

It is fair to say that our computer suite will be well-used this term as we work on our coding skills and learn how to navigate Microsoft Word and Publisher with confidence. We will be applying all of our knowledge at the end of the term as we produce a Word or Publisher document of the knowledge we have learnt.

This term in RE we will be looking at the impact religious teachings might have on how a person chooses to live their life. We are starting off looking at Islam and then moving on to look at Hinduism. 

In PSHE we are learning about friendships as we consider the qualities we want in our friends. We are also looking at some of the changes our bodies go through during puberty. 

We have so much more exciting learning including: studying Jazz music; learning lots of new vocabulary and phrases about ‘My Town’ in French (ma ville); and studying and replicating the amazing Hokusai’s art work.

We are SO excited for this year and in particular for our overnight stay in the school grounds later this year. It’s going to be a busy but great year in Tiger and Lion class!