Within our school we are incredibly fortunate to be able to deliver food from farm to fork. We grow produce within our teaching garden space seasonally to cook in our teaching kitchen. Children are able to have opportunities to plant and grow produce to then use in recipes in our food technology lessons. This helps in a small way to reduce our impact on the environment by growing locally. We teach children about local produce and where their food comes from.

We work seasonally so that children can experience growing throughout the year as they observe the changes in our garden over the seasons. These aspects link with our school curriculum as we look at food miles and the impact of carbon footprints on our world. Our teaching kitchen is fully stocked, and we are able to make wonderfully balanced, tasty meals that children are able to sample at home. Some of these include stir fried vegetables, Chinese dumplings, vegetable crumble and fruit triangles. Within the teaching kitchen children learn the importance of food hygiene and safety along with skills for life such as using cooking equipment safely. They also get involved in washing up, cleaning and recycling! We feel these lessons are invaluable as children learn and grow and become citizens in the world.

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