International School Award

We are absolutely delighted that we have been awarded the International School’s Award coordinated by Mr Barton and supported by Miss Frieria and Madame Dale. This is a great achievement and something for which we take great pride. Our school has been accredited the award from 1st September 2021 until 31 August 2024. Not only were we delighted with the accreditation but also the feedback we received from the assessors.

This is a strong application from Welton St Mary’s C of E Primary Academy and meets the standard for International School Award Accreditation in 2021. You have provided excellent evidence of eligible activities which have taken place between September 2019 and July 2021. Several of these activities are collaborative with one or more of your overseas partner schools in France, Uganda and Bermuda, and several have a foreign language element. Well done! Summarised in other ways the activities have engaged the whole school across the last two years. In the words of the co-ordinator, “we are thrilled with the impact that our international activities have had on the children; they have sparked genuine interest across the school.” This enthusiasm can be seen both in informative descriptions on the website and in some sparky comments in the Impact Evaluation e.g. A child in Year 4 asked, “when can we play another game with them like Battleships!” The Impact Evaluation demonstrates your resilience in the difficult and on-going period of the pandemic. There are multiple fine examples of innovative thinking and interesting activities within the international framework. The assessor was attracted to the forward thinking such as when the ‘Sound Postcards’ activity with Ecole Guillaume Apollinaire might have been placed in jeopardy by a French government decision on lockdown and the Welton alternative being a Ugandan potato curry for the Lincoln Show! At a different level “working towards achieving our vison is addressed at every GB meeting. The school is connecting with the Sustainable Development Goals in a very holistic way. “‘This year we have looked at Responsible Consumption and I am meeting with the Headteacher this term to choose a focus for 2021-22. I have been impressed with how our staff have embraced the projects we have completed and have planned” Accreditation is well-deserved. Please congratulate everyone involved in this successful application. Congratulations on working so hard to co-ordinate such an impressive range of work as an International Co-ordinator! You are a credit to the school and the wider community.

We will be continuing our international opportunities this year and beyond. It is part of what we are as a school reaching out to our international community and learning both from and with them.

Our Partner Schools

Ntolomwe UMEA Primary School

This partnership was initiated by Chris Williams as part of the Two Countries, One World project where 10 British and Ugandan schools have been linked in pairs. We have been working together since October 2021. Since then, we have sent each other pictures of our school, sent each other information about what makes us happy, sent letters and even sent assessment papers! We talk weekly with the Headteacher Zaamu Namiiro and are currently looking at how we can share some of our sporting equipment and resources with them to give them the same opportunities that we are fortunate to have. We are excited about the potential that this partnership has and where it will take us.


Ecole Guillaume Apollinaire

This is a partnership that has been maintained for a number of years. Welton St Mary’s has a specialist languages teacher who teaches French as a Modern Foreign Language to the children in Years 3 – 6. As she is a French National, she has links with a number of French schools, including Ecole Guillaume Apollinaire, 72250 Parigne L’Eveque, France. This year, we have spoken to the children on Zoom and discussed the pandemic and lockdown restrictions in both countries and how it has affected us and played a game of Guess Who! We looking forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship in the years to come.

Dear Father God,

We pray that the children in Uganda are able to get back to school soon to continue their education. Thank you for the benefits of education across the world. We ask for your help and strength so that the people of Uganda get their vaccinations as soon as possible. Please help anybody living in poverty to be warm, fed, and safe, particularly in this difficult time of COVID. We pray that the infected, across the world and in Uganda, will get well with the help of your healing hand.

In Jesus’ name



Dear God

Please help the children to have a better life, go back to school and be happy. 



Dear Father God,

Please help the children in Uganda get better from all the germs.


Guess Who?

As part of our international Curriculum, Year 4 have enjoyed a game of Guess Who with our partner school in Le Mans, France! Our partner school in France emailed us some images of themselves and some information about them e.g. what their name is, whether they have any pets and how many siblings they have. It was then our job to ask the children questions over Zoom and use the information to see if we could guess who they were. As you can see from the pictures, we had a lot of fun communicating with the children in France and learning some more about them. Before the end of the year, we hope to have return game of Guess Who (or Devine qui, as they say in France) before the end of the school year so that the children in France can guess who we are. Many thanks to Madame Dale and Monsieur Sassereau for all of their help to make this fun, exciting and engaging activity possible.


What Makes Me Happy?

As the past year has been a difficult time for everyone, it is more important than ever to think about the things that make us happy. At Welton St Mary’s, the children in Lower Key Stage 2 have been doing just that. We created some posters full of things that make us happy that we have decided to share with our link school in Uganda. Since the start of the year, we have been working closely with the children and staff and Ntolomwe UMEA School in Butambala and the children there have been doing the same. Earlier this year, we exchanged projects and have been enjoying learning about how children live in different parts of the world. Not only that, we have been so inspired but the letters we have received from the children in Uganda that we have written back! We are excited for our newfound pen pals to receive our letters so that we can continue to learn more about each other.


The Great Lincolnshire Schools ‘Tate Off’

In May, some of our aspiring Year 6 chefs entered the Great Lincolnshire Tate Off! These four cooks were challenged to create an innovative dish that celebrates local produce and showcases Lincolnshire’s most famous ingredient; the potato! After some long hard thinking time, we decided that this would be a great opportunity to showcase our international links and created, not one, but two recipes based on our school links in France and Uganda. For our French dish, Team Tartiflette (Leah and Elias) created a stunning, delicious and creamy potato tartiflette. For our Ugandan dish, the Peri Peri Pals (Cyrus and Freya) made a zesty, aromatic and spicy Ugandan potato curry. Both dishes were vastly different in taste and appearance but did their homelands proud. The Head Teacher at our Ugandan link school (Zaamu Namiiro) quoted that the curry ‘looks nice and creative’ and our French pater (Claude Sassereau) said that the tartiflette ‘frankly looks great!’ If only they could have tasted them! Both dishes have been entered into the competition and we are awaiting to hear whether either of them have made the shortlist to be judged by a professional chef. Watch this space!


French Breakfast

This year, we were fortunate enough to be able to host our French Breakfast once more! The children have been working hard with Madame Dale to develop their conversational French so they were prepared to order their breakfast from the Café de Saint Marie entirely in French. We were so proud at the confidence with which they spoke and, as you can imagine, there were very few leftovers. The children enjoyed some cacao lait, belvita, grenadine, juis d’orange and juis d’pomme and some delicious croissants. Well done Year 6.