TOGETHER – We aim for our children, staff, parents and carers, families, governors, the Church and friends of Welton St Mary’s to work together in the interests of each individual child and to strengthen the school in and for the local, national and global community.

CARE – We aim to use the distinctive Christian values that the Academy is founded on to encourage a culture in which each individual is included, secure, valued and nurtured and where our children learn to show these values to others. We celebrate cultural diversity and respect each other’s views, beliefs and traditions, ensuring peace and harmony throughout our community. We provide a safe place for children to develop their own identity within an environment of trust with forgiveness, love & friendship at its core.

LEARN – We aim for all of our children to reach their full potential through helping them develop their skills, knowledge and understanding to become effective global citizens of the ever changing world we live in. We take an international approach to learning, providing our children with a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum, high quality resources and a light and interesting learning environment. Each child will be actively involved in and take responsibility for their own learning, knowing what they need to do to achieve and how to do so. They will become independent thinkers and enterprising individuals who view learning as a life long journey.

THRIVE – We aim to provide our children with a safe environment and an experience during their time with us that will enable each of them to develop morally, spiritually, intellectually, creatively, physically, emotionally and socially. We value every child as a unique individual and encourage them to believe in themselves and develop their interests and talents. Each child recognises the distinctiveness of our Christian values through their understanding of the bible, a comprehensive Religious Education curriculum, gaining knowledge of Christians throughout history, experiencing corporate Collective Worship, and having opportunities for prayer and reflection.

Our Aims

-To provide a stimulating and secure environment in which the whole school community can thrive

-To develop skills, attitudes and understanding which will be required in adult life

-To develop self esteem, self confidence, mutual respect and a caring attitude throughout the school community

-To develop the partnership between parents, governors, teaching and non-teaching staff for the benefit of the children

-To provide all children with equal access to a broad balanced and relevant curriculum so that each child may achieve the highest standard academically, physically, morally, socially and spiritually

-To promote and develop Christian attitudes throughout the school which will enable children to make informed decisions and become aware and be tolerant of other cultures and religions

-To help children to understand the traditions of the school, recognise that they are an integral part of a wider community and have responsibilities towards it.