Each school has a Governing Body. The Governing Body plays a key role in providing the strategic leadership and direction and accountability in schools. It works in partnership with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team. The main aims of a Governing Body are:

  • to ensure there is clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction resulting in the delivery of a high standard of education for all pupils in its care,
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure the money is spent in a way that strives for excellence and achieving the vision.
  • holding the Headteacher and Senior Leadership team to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils.

The Welton St Mary’s Primary Academy Governing Body is made up of Foundation (Church) Governors, Parent Governors, Community Governors and Staff Governors. We meet six times a year as a Local Governing Body but also as two smaller committees focused on finance and school improvement. Our joint aim is to make sure the school provides the best education and learning experience possible so that our children can achieve their full potential, both academically and personally. We set the aims and objectives for the school, along with the policies and targets for achieving them. We monitor and evaluate the progress the school is making and act as a source of challenge and support to the headteacher. We serve on the Governing Body for a 4 year term after which we are eligible for re-election.

Together we care, learn and thrive.

Company Members

Mr Mark Smith
Ms Sarah Lawford
Ms Samantha Stewart.

Chair of Governors
Member Appointed
Diocesan Board Representative.



Ms Lisa Cassidy
Rev Jane Foster-Smith
Mrs Nicola Gough
Mr Andy Johnson
Ms Sarah Lawford
Ms Vanessa O’Mahony
Mr Mark Smith
Miss Dawn Sylvester
Ms Claire Tunstall

Category of Governor
Member Appointed
Foundation Governor
Governor co-opted
Governor co-opted
Parent Governor
Member Appointed
Parent Governor

End of term
Ex Officio
Ex Officio

Committee Membership

Finance, Premises & Personnel Committee
Andy Johnson
Nicola Gough
Mark Smith
Ms Vanessa O’Mahony
Ms Claire Tunstall

Provision and School Improvement Committee
Sarah Lawford (Chair)
Lisa Cassidy
Mark Smith
Nicola Gough
Dawn Sylvester
Rev Jane Foster Smith

Headteacher Performance Panel

Mark Smith
Two other governors
External Adviser (to advise only)

Governor Monitoring

Reporting to Finance, Prmises & Personnel Committee

ICT, Website, ESafety
Health and Safety

Andy Johnson
Mark Smith
All Governors

Termly Verbal Report
Annual Report each Jully
On a monthly basis ALL governors review the finance reports

Reporting to Provision and School Improvement Committee

Core Subjects
PE Fund
Pupil Premium

Committee Acting Collectively

Termly reports and presentations

Reporting to Full Governing Body


Church School Distinctiveness

Sarah Lawford

Foundation Governors

Standing Item for verbal report.
Sections on audit report throughout year.
Standing Item for Verbal report.Annual Diocesan Report in Autumn

Governor Related Files

Governor's secure area

Contacting the Governing Body

We welcome letters and value your comments. If you wish to raise issues relating to the day to day running of the school these should, in the first instance, be referred to the Headteacher. You can contact the governing body either via the school office or directly by contacting the Clerk to Governors.

Mrs Imogen Lemon – Clerk to the Governors


Standard agenda papers and minutes of all governing body meetings are available on request from the Clerk to Governors.