School Council 2022-2023

Hello and welcome to the School Council.

As ambassadors for positive change, the School Council members at Welton St. Mary’s Church of England Primary Academy are elected from Key Stage 2 by their peers to represent the views, opinions and ideas of each class within our school. Our mission is to initiate, introduce and implement changes which will provide a safe, inspiring and creative environment, which will not only benefit our school community but the local community as well. We are passionate about our mission to make a positive change not only to our school environment, but Welton Village and the World.  We have lots of exciting ideas, competitions and schemes which we are looking to introduce throughout the year. As well as this we will be challenging pupils to help raise money to support and care for well-deserved local, national and international charities by organising fun events within school.

Meet our members:

Year Three

My name is William, I like football and I’m looking forward to raising money for the different charities.

My name is Daisy and I like maths. I wanted to be on the School Council because it would provide me with an opportunity to make changes to our school. Plus, I really want to help raise money for charity.

Year Four

My name is Evie, I’m eight years old. I like hanging out with my friends and I’m looking forward to making a difference this year on the school Council to school and the Welton community.

My name is Harvey I wanted to be on School Council to help the school and other schools and the local community.

Year Five

My name is Henry and I’m looking forward to helping the school physically and academically. I want to help School Council restart the healthy tuck shop and improve things within the school.

My name is Eleanor, I love reading and drawing. I wanted to be on the School Council to help make school an even better place.

Year Six

My name is Shannon, I like cats, watching TV and playing on my X-box. I wanted to join the School Council to help improve the school and help everyone care, learn and thrive.

My name is Kelsie, I like bright and dark colours and looking after people. Everyday I wake up with a smile on my face and I’m always ready to change the environment around me.