Who We Are

We are a group of Year 5 children who love reading and are passionate about sharing our love for reading with others.  To take on this important role, we had to apply in writing for the position.

What We Do:

We work together to ensure our inside and outside libraries are tidy, welcoming and well-used.  We  help when each class is using the library, reminding the children to be quiet and respectful when using the library. We help children to choose books of interest and then sign the books in and out on our scanning system.  We add new books to the bookshelves and make sure the different genres are well-organised.  We review new books and let other children know what we thought about them. We create displays in the library and help the teachers by locating books for the topics that are being taught. These can then be used in the classrooms to support learning.

Job Description:

To find out more about what we do, please look at our job description